The company

With more than 40 years of experience in the conception, development and installation of software packages for financial and accounting management, GFINE has become one of the international leaders in the domain.

GFINE counts more than 100 references of operational customers and has installed its software in 14 European countries in addition to Canada, Japan and Brazil, as well as in 6 countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Thanks to its partnership with ECONOCOM, GFINE is present in more than 18 countries.

GFINE via the CPBI software, offers a solution :

  • Highly customizable, CASE
  • Independence of the target platforms (AS400, Windows, Oracle server,…)
  • Data hosting and backup in a professional and confidential way
  • Multi-language (dictionary)
  • Full Web version
  • Online help documentation
  • Advanced security Management and access by user or group of users.

The solutions

Worldwide Leasing, financial and accounting  Solution - Gfine

Leasing & Financial

  • Multi-product contract
  • Leasing / Operational Leasing
  • Renting / Operational Renting
  • Purchase of Receivables
  • Financing / Personal Loans /Mortgages
  • Real Refinancing or Funding
  • By production line (small tickets) by co-lessor
  • Backed Contracts
  • Backed Credits and accompanying Refinancing
  • Pooled Contracts
  • Credits with several pooled bankers
  • Estimated Refinancing
  • Credits with estimated management


  • Management in parallel of different accountancies
  • Manual bookings are automatically reproduced in a second (mother-company) or a third accountancy (IFRS) via the relation tables.
  • The automatic postings of one, two or three accountancies (activation, invoicing,…) are generated via the accounting structures.

Each accountancy has its own accounting structure.
Direct relationship among different accountancies.
Consolidation of accounts belonging to the companies of a group in one accountancy.

  • Reporting & declarations
  • Customers’ Reminders
  • Doubtful debtors
  • Risk assessment
  • Interfaces


Worldwide Leasing, financial and accounting  Solution - Gfine>
Worldwide Leasing, financial and accounting  Solution - Gfine

Web solution

GFINE develops secure internet sites allowing a rapid access to the data. Commercial partners can also have access to a complex offer module allowing proposing to their (future) clients, instant offers.

  • Consultation
  • Management of offers
  • CPBI Full Web
  • Web Services

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1150 Brussels - Belgium